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Ameland - October 2018

During the whole month of November my work can be viewed on the Wadden Island of Ameland. It will be displayed in the beautiful Hotel Nobel, in Hollum. Sea, sand and the flux.

Something with space - September 2018

Oh no, I did something with space again .... In Kunsthal 45 in Den Helder this time. Space specialist Jan Theun van Rees curated this exhibition of 15 photo artists. The opening took place on Sunday 26 August and the exhibition was closed on October 7.

More information: Website and Event. 

Honorable mention PX3 - June 2018

Rabbit and I received an honorable mention again. From Paris this time. Again, we are over the moon and beyond! You can watch my winning entry for the Px3 Paris Photo Prize here

Interviewed - April 2018

Kunstspot is an interesting platform in Groningen with many good stories about art. If you want to know what's going on in the art scene of this vibrant city, you have to follow them. I was lucky that one of the editors, Karlijn Vermeij, came to the Wall House, just before the opening on 31 March. Read the interview here (in Dutch).

At about the same time a podcast appeared with a conversation about my exhibition in the Wall House, via about:blank, where I am in a mentorship.

Nomination - April 2018

My series Rabbit was nominated for the Fine Art Photography Awards, category Abstract. Congratulations to all winners and thanks for noticing my work!

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