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Publications - January 2018

It is a happy New Year. In the first weeks of January two publications of my portfolio appeared online. First of all, the beautiful Float Magazine published an extensive selection of previously published and completely new work. I was surprised by the beautiful combinations that Float Magazine made.

Then my work appeared on NOICE. I follow NOICE. for some time on instagram. They always present beautiful work. Never mainstream and always carefully chosen. Of course I am therefore proud that my work is now also part of the NOICE. collection. Later this year issue 11 of their printed magazine will be published, in which my work will also be featured.

NEW - November 2017

On Friday 24 November the opening and book launch of NEW 2018 took place. It was a party in 5&33, diagonally opposite Amsterdam Central Station. The book can be ordered via the webshop of GUP magazine. The accompanying exhibition can be visited until the end of January.

I’m in it!

Offprint Paris - November 2017

On y va! November 9 -12 my handmade book Rabbit is at Offprint Paris. Together with Sebastiaan Hanekroot (Colour & Books) and Jos Morree (FINE BOOKS), Wytze Fopma of Fopmawier Boekbinderij will present a number of art books, including Rabbit. Wytze was an important partner in my project Rabbit, by designing the book’s physical form and method of binding. 

See the floor plan below. Rabbit can be found at section B, at FopmaWier. See you there!

Exhibition in Groningen - November 2017 

From 6 October to 4 November my work was exhibited in GalerieH200 in Groningen. My first solo exhibition is therefore a fact! It was a great experience, fun and educational. The opening was given by Robert van der Molen and was overwhelmingly well visited. And, of course, my buddy rabbit was there too.

It tastes like more.

I brought Groningen The Flux.

My first review - October 2017

October 6th, a review was published in the regional newspaper Dagblad van het Noorden. Eric Bos wrote the article in the context of his section Visualia, which is about art and visual culture. The review is in Dutch. I quote a piece in English:

“At Rabbit and The Flux, it's not all about pretty, but it is about intrinsic beauty. In that project, she opens herself for her own artist spirit that houses somewhere between these dynamic structures and the dark clouds. In feverish ideas or twisting thoughts. Sometimes it is like we are witnessing the birth of a planet. Where infinity can be found in undefinable appearances. Nowhere does it stop, it circles within itself, it waves in a bodily color sea, where you can think and feel anything. It sounds moving, but the images are still silent. That is special about her photography. Reality brought back to an elusive flow, twist and swirl. As it is.”

I feel flattered. 

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