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Something with space - July 2018

Oh no, I'm going to do something with space again .... In Den Helder this time. Come and watch this exhibition in Kunsthal 45 from the end of August. Space specialist Jan Theun van Rees has curated this exhibition of 15 photo artists. The opening will take place on Sunday 26 August at 16:00.

More information: Website and Event. 

Honorable mention PX3 - June 2018

Rabbit and I received an honorable mention again. From Paris this time. Again, we are over the moon and beyond! You can watch my winning entry for the Px3 Paris Photo Prize here

Interviewed - April 2018

Kunstspot is an interesting platform in Groningen with many good stories about art. If you want to know what's going on in the art scene of this vibrant city, you have to follow them. I was lucky that one of the editors, Karlijn Vermeij, came to the Wall House, just before the opening on 31 March. Read the interview here (in Dutch).

At about the same time a podcast appeared with a conversation about my exhibition in the Wall House, via about:blank, where I am in a mentorship.

Nomination - April 2018

My series Rabbit was nominated for the Fine Art Photography Awards, category Abstract. Congratulations to all winners and thanks for noticing my work!

Groninger Museum WALL HOUSE - March 2018

Saturday March 31st is the opening of my installation The Flux is resilient in the Wall House of the Groninger Museum. You can find me regularly in the original living room of this remarkable building since January. I am building an installation in which I allow myself to be guided by the space. Part of the installation are photographs not previously exhibited.

Throughout the days I spend in solitude in the Wall House I experience all kinds of threats to reality I bring to life. Hard versus soft, rectilinear versus organic, colour versus colourless: The Flux is in trouble there. In the installation I let The Flux fight the battle with the Wall House. Now that this is being written it is not yet certain who wins. Hopefully you will be as curious about the result as I am.

The opening of The Flux is resilient will be on Saturday March 31st at 12:00 am by Andreas Blühm, director of the Groninger Museum, and Gea Schenk, photographer and curator of the Wall House. Please check the invitation for further information.

The Flux is resilient can be visited until Sunday June 3rd. On this closing day is also the Kunstroute Hoornsemeer (and my birthday). On that day I will make the final balance: did The Flux win or not?

The Wall House is open to the public during the weekends. The address is A. J. Lutulilstraat 17 in Groningen. On the website of the Groninger Museum you can find information about opening hours and accessibility. See also the Wall House event on Facebook.

I bring you The Flux, be welcome!
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