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Book rabbit

During the graduation exhibition REVEAL (May 2017) my handmade book 'rabbit' was presented for the first time. Rabbit and I were tickled pink when I graduated cum laude with compliments for the book presentation. I made the book in an edition of two. During my exhibition in Galerie H200 (2017) and at Offprint Paris (2017) the book was shown again. I still regularly display the book in exhibitions. It is and will remain the origin of The Flux.

I also made a smaller (A5) version (edition of 50, sold out).

Thanks to FopmaWier Boekbinderij for the perfect binding and also to Marc Thioux of the MRI centre Groningen for scanning my brains. Pictures of the scans of my spinal fluid have been processed to a design for the flyleaf by the designer of my book Peter Boersma. I will also thank him to the max. Matt de Groot was my coach and mentor during the process of creation. I could not have done that without him. And last but not least, very special thanks go to my rabbit. She is the guardian of my mind.
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