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...iets met ruimte - April 2019

Within a month the exhibition '... iets met ruimte' will open in Galerie Pictura in Groningen.

11 Photographers (1 duo) each consider the concept of 'space' in their own way. They explore the space both in and outside the image and together they push the boundaries of photography and of Pictura. The exhibition brings together a camera lucida, a clothing collection, an asymptote, a beam of light, an undercurrent, the truth and the course of the moon.

...iets met ruimte is a group of photographers who, in varying compositions and in different spaces, are regularly creating new exhibitions around the concept of 'space'. Their second exhibition is in Pictura. This time they are: Adrian Faes + Katharina Pöhlmann / Anna Witkowska / Arjan Post / Corine Hörmann / Goran Turnšek / Hanna Snijder / Jan Theun van Rees / Mariëlle Gebben / Mémé Bartels / Mo Verlaan / Sander van der Bij.

During this exhibition I will present the current state of affairs of my project #TheTruth. In this project my starting point is a recent abstract work. In 2018 I gave this work, a pink infinity, the title The Truth. In the project #TheTruth I try to look at this abstract pink image from all perspectives, to question it, to dissect it.

I cross my own work like a neutrino, offering different perspectives on The Truth, which, just like reality and fantasy, is constantly changing.

My presentation consists of more than just photographs.

Curious? Come to the festive opening on Sunday 12 May, at 3 pm. Or join us on Wednesday 12 June, at 8 pm. Then the Noorderlicht Fotosalon will head out to Galerie Pictura for a one-off event.

Mariëlle Gebben             +31641237338