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Other Photographic Matters - January 2020

In Other Photographic Matters 10 artists show mixed forms of photography and other art disciplines. Their relationship is the use of photography as a starting point and the sense of urgency to fuse with other artistic forms in order to complete their story. Other Photographic Matters is part of Art Rotterdam Week.

The participating photographers are Arjan Post, Birgit Matschullat, Els Kocken, Godelieve Krekelberg, Jasmijn Duterloo, Jessica Scholtes, Mariëlle Gebben, Matt de Groot, Niels Watermulder and Tobias Asser. The way in which they mix photography and other disciplines varies. Sometimes a photograph is the start of a work that acquires a completely different form, sometimes photographs interact with objects, sometimes space forms an integral part of the photographic work. In Other Photographic Matters, photography is never limited to an isolated image on the wall.

Experience where photography can lead.

Opening hours
February 6, from 11:00 to 22:00.
February 7 - 9, from 11:00 to 19:00.

Hilton Rotterdam, Weena 10

Thursday 6 February, 5 pm: Gallery Night. Festive opening with a reading by poet Harry Oonk at 5:30.
Sunday 9 February, 2 pm: Panel on collecting with Mulan Go (GoMulan Gallery), Luuk Hoogewerf (Christie's) and others. Talk with experts about buying and collecting. A unique opportunity to get professional advice on spotting talent and buying art. 

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