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The Ostrich Research - March 2019

I was under the radar for a while. Or rather: I am still under the radar. Since September I have got the key to a new space that I could fully turn to my hand. I hardly understood what that meant and from that moment on I ended up in a tunnel full of building materials, tools and construction challenges.

Now finally the space is almost ready. I have a mezzanine with lots of daylight and storage space where I can work with my computer and printers. Downstairs is my studio with large work tables, a very high white wall, daylight and a floor that can get dirty. Adjacent to my room are two music studios and a liveroom. Those spaces are occupied by my fellow tenants, Gijs ( and Harmen (ao and Electropoëzie).

So.... Now I am under the radar again, because all the ideas that arose in my head during the renovation must of course be processed into NEW FREE WORK. The name of the street we are in is Struisvogelstraat, so street of ostriches. I have therefore called my current study The Ostrich Research.

In short, this is what I am doing: if The Flux is a circle and reality is a square, how can I bring the two together?

My next exhibition is from 5 May to 16 June, in Galerie Pictura in Groningen. To be continued!

Mariëlle Gebben             +31641237338