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Tipping Point - August 2019

New collective!

Tipping Point is a collective of eight visual artist who are united on the base of the similarities in their vision as image-makers. We see ourselves as representatives of a changing society in which daily life is under pressure. We are all concerned with the question of what happens when tensions increase into a breaking point, from different motives and angles and with different forms of expression.

The title of the collective refers to the point at which a reversible change becomes irreversible, often with dramatic consequences. The tipping point is both challenging and frightening at the same time, and it is precisely in this field of tension that our work is intended to be made and shown. Our perspectives and forms of expression are as diverse as the ways in which a person may respond to tensions. This is how each of us reflects on the chaos in which we live and presents a mirror to our audience.

We will present ourselves for the first time as a collective during UNSEEN Amsterdam at Circle Art Space, Kerkstraat 67, Amsterdam

You can find us on instagram:

This is who we are:

Mariëlle Gebben             +31641237338