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Update 2024

This year started well with a home run at Galerie Noord, the art space that I and a large group of volunteers have enjoyed running since 2018. We created an exhibition featuring a selection of artists who have exhibited with us over the past five years, as an ode to the arts, our volunteers and all the people we enjoy working with so much. For me, this exhibition was extra honourable because my work ended up on one wall with that of both Rik Hagt and Hans van Asch.

I then took my work to Rotterdam, where I had a full sea container at my disposal during Rotterdam Photo. The set-up was more than ever a battle between The Flux and the in this case grey, cold, wet reality, but it worked and in the rare moments when the sun broke through I was actually happy with my presentation.

Currently, I am busy in my studio. I have grabbed the wax and oil pastel again to be very physical. Eventually I will move back to photography, that is inevitable. There is also work to do because in the autumn, two exhibitions are planned for which I like to set the bar high: in September, my work is part of a group exhibition at ART[s] Gallery Simone Jansen in Noordwijk and in November, at the invitation of Alta Bosca, I am exhibiting together with Christiaan Kuitwaard in theatre De Lawei in Drachten.

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