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Wall House

From 31 March to 3 June I exhibited in the Wall House of the Groninger Museum. The Wall House is a modernist building on the edge of the lake Hoornsemeer. This remarkable house was designed by the American architect John Quentin Hejduk (1929-2000). I got the chance to make a solo exhibition in the original living room. In February and March, I worked in the building to get to know the space and find out what I wanted to create there. In the end I decided to compete with the horizon and the wall, both of which threaten the abstract and boundless reality I create.

‘The Flux is resilient. The horizon and wall set boundaries and thus threaten this infinite reality, just like the disruption caused by buildings, traffic signs and constructed paths does. Additional lines offer new perspectives to which The Flux may relate, for example by considering the horizon as an illusion.’


Interview in the Groninger Museum Magazine

Groninger Museum Magazine - page 56-57
Some views of the installation:

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